Welcome to my Blog:  Face Bling by Cherokee!  Here, we celebrate seasoned , mature women. My intention is to exalt the process of aging in all its joys, challenges and victories. Here is where we join hands as life partners empowered in all aspects of beauty, lifestyle, health, relationships and spirit.  

 Your face is the very first part of you noticed by strangers, your first impression, how you are perceived to the world.  “Bling” is often used to describe flashy, ostentatious jewelry, makeup and nails in the hip-hop culture.  Here, at Face Bling, the “bling” is interpreted as radiance, light, spirit, your inner glow!  Our journey through life takes us from birth to puberty, to adulthood through maturity. The trip is a glorious adventure where life’s lessons mold and shape us. Then one day we notice in the mirror: the seasons have changed . Suddenly, there’s a new woman in the mirror, one who looks like us but with fine lines, wrinkles and skin a little less firm for whom the familiar bloom of youth is now somewhat faded. We have achieved a new season, one that includes menopause and its accompanying truths about who we are becoming . Embrace it!  Like it or not, age is a gift , a privilege we are the lucky ones to experience, as not everyone makes it this far.

  Beauty is a benefit that greets us as we start each new day, grateful, even before we begin scrutinizing ourselves in the mirror. Moving through the day we continue in gratitude , admiring others and the world without questioning our own beauty, comfortable with who we have become, uniquely individual.  By now we should have outgrown envy and fear, for this is the “prime of our lives”.  We are grown, sexy, secure and ready to address the rest of our lives without explanation, judgment or guilt.

 Some of us are considering retirement, some are already receiving Social Security and Medicare, others are caregivers, many have families and often there are countless numbers of us who are experiencing this journey alone.  As women, whatever our position in life, we are powerful and strong with skills and abilities unknown to man.  We have survived to this point as experts at resolving conflicts, balancing careers, businesses, motherhood, school, while managing households and relationships.  Ladies, we are fierce and, together, we are going to look aging dead in the face while having fun, empowering each other, reinventing ourselves and expressing, nurturing and realizing our dreams.

 I look forward to our shared odyssey as we discover and embrace our beauty, light, compassion, love,  joy and unity,  together.  

Love, Cherokee

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