Women’s Obsession with Perfection

Ladies aging is a true rite of passage, a privilege for which the alternative is dire. We should be grateful for the gift and take better care of ourselves , exercise , eating wisely, laughing more and being joyful. The term anti-aging has always disturbed me as the word anti infers the process of getting older is negative. When in fact it’s a wonderful time, in which we have lived long enough to be confident in our own skin and  our bodies; we are knowledgeable without the naivety we had in our youth and with the children grown we are now free to pursue our goals and dreams. Yet, many of my associates are pre-occupied with the advent of wobbly necks, wrinkles, sagging eye lids and vanity. We live in a age of miracle creams, pills, botox, plastic surgery and implants for every single part of our bodies.

I always felt that these procedures should be held off until we really need them, yet women are getting them younger and younger seeking perfection. I always maintained that I would never have plastic surgery. At this point I think I am doing great having a skincare routine since age 15 copied from my mother and grandmother. My mother introduced me to facials when I was 16 at the Georgette Klinger Skincare Salon on Madison Avenue. I was spoiled in that regard not so much in others. Looking into the future maybe I will reconsider at the age of 75 or 80 who knows? I was always opposed to the idea of these procedures because as a model, I saw many associates go too far - so far they actually ruined their beauty. Some looking pretty scary. If you must, ask your friends who have had procedures and look good for recommendations.

Remember there is no such thing as perfection a tiny nip or tuck can be cool, but I know many who have travelled so far down the road seeking  perfection  they are unrecognizable. The illusion of beauty is all that is left for them. The obsession with perfection can not only leave you imperfect , many have died for the illusion. It’s like being haunted to a ghost that never lived. 

Love, Cherokee