Beauty as Health

Beauty is all about confidence , charisma, character, honesty and spirit. True beauty also includes love and health. Without good health there can be no beauty as it affects our body, mind and our spirits. The truth is, we are imperfect and must stop being so hard on ourselves. We are a direct reflection of origin, culture, DNA, activity, diet and lifestyle. Though we are inevitably flawed, there are many factors that determine our health. Here are a few tips to improve our health everyday. 

Diet : eliminate processed foods, salt, eat less carbohydrates adding more salads and vegetables. Less red meat, avoid pork as it remains in our intestines too long, overtaxing our bodies and digestive systems .

Exercise (daily) walking, meditation, yoga, dance , weight training , boxing, martial arts, pilates, Zumba. The main thing is keep moving . 

See a doctor for a physical at least once a year. Check your blood pressure, heart, eyes. Schedule a yearly mammogram and a pap smear. Note: Men get breast cancer too. Make sure your man is making a conscious effort to improve his health-or else he’ll be eating your dust! 

See a dentist : your gums can affect all your organs when they become diseased. 

Wear Sunscreen: 30-50 SPF as protection against skin cancer and age spots. Take care of yourself , your body is your temple , nourish it as you really are what you eat. Eliminate stress as dis-harmony really does create dis-ease. Your body loves you, it proves it everyday, show it more love as your life depends on it. Our bodies are a direct picture of our souls. Please take care of yourselves.


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