Fake Beauty vs. Real Beauty

I pray that you are feeling beautiful today from the inside out as made up beauty is just cosmetic. I am a lover of makeup, as a matter of fact, I am also a makeup artist . Today’s trend in makeup runs from a daytime smokey eye to daily heavy false eyelashes for every occasion from running to the grocery store to a Tuesday at the office.

Beauty is the quality of being pleasing to look at. Ideal beauty is one who is admired or possesses the features attributed to their particular culture. As beauty is unique depending on our DNA, we must be careful to use makeup to enhance our features accordingly and to be gentle with aging skin. Trends give us the images not to follow exactly, but to give us ideas to play with, to enhance our beauty individually. For example,  if wearing false eyelashes choose lashes that fit the size of your eyes as the goal is to look pretty, not clownish. Buy good makeup brushes and be sure to blend well. I have makeup brushes from “Lancome” as well as some from the “Alcone” makeup company.  In future blogs, I will make recommendations regarding makeup, tools and skincare. I will even share makeovers with featured makeup artists.

It is very important to have a good skincare routine. Skincare is the foundation of pretty makeup and should not to be piled on to cover imperfections. We see them. Make sure to remove your makeup at night, cleanse, treat, moisturize and get a good night's sleep. You will wake up radiant, rested, with your face as the perfect canvas for the day's makeup. Use soft strokes, makeup can be fierce without you looking fake. Makeup should also be age appropriate as we mature, ladies, please remember that less is more but do have a little fun if you are attending a special event, occasion or photoshoot. Let’s age with grace and elegance.

Love, Cherokee