Ageless Beauty 

Ageless beauty is having the confidence to move through life’s journey without regrets, doubt or fear. It’s living long enough to learn the lessons of youth; living determined by our own choices and actions. Taking hold of what’s left of our lives, owning every moment and being responsible for who we are moving forward.   

This is where age meets prime time and we get to use our well-earned knowledge to redirect our energy with the speed of a nano second if something doesn’t suit us. Ageless beauty is timeless, alluring, sensual, enticing.  Maturity means we have paid our dues: juggling the house , the kids, cooking , cleaning, working and/or studying for a degree, all while remaining true to our own goals and dreams. Ageless beauty is freedom from explanations, judgements and worrying about what others think. It’s the beauty and freedom of me time, finally focusing on ourselves, having our very own style and the power to create our own trends. Finally living in the power of our womanhood remembering we are endowed with the capacity and authority to create, carry and give life. Ageless beauty is confidence on fire! Helen Mirren (image above), Tina Turner, Dame Judith Dench, Diahann Carroll, Carmen de Lavallade, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Iris Apfel just to name a few, are living lives rich with power, purpose, grit and creativity. Timelessly moving without showing the effects of the changing seasons; eternal, living the beauty of ageless truths.

Love, Cherokee